1. Choose your sauce

  500ml 750ml
  Sole Rosso VEGI
Tomato sauce made from Italian tomatoes with fresh basil and a hint of orange.

  3,90 € 5,00 €
  Tomato Ricotta Cream VEGI
Ricotta, crème fraîche, almonds, virgin olive oil, tomatoes, flat-leaf parsley and a hint of nutmeg.

  4,90 € 6,10 €
  Fresh Green VEGI
Leaf spinach, ricotta, crème fraîche, almonds, virgin olive oil, flat-leaf parsley, red onions and a hint of nutmeg.

  5,20 € 6,40 €
  Italian Tomato Pesto VEGI
Sun-dried tomatoes marinated in spicy olive oil with pine nuts, sunflower oil and Parmesan.

  5,30 € 6,50 €
  Bella Bologna
Bolognese sauce with the finest minced beef, fresh celery, tasty carrots, tomatoes, onions and a dash of red wine.

  5,50 € 6,70 €
  La Carbonara
The tasty classic. With hearty bacon, cream sauce, red onions and Parmesan.

  5,70 € 6,90 €
  Tina Tuna
Hearty tuna sauce with fresh tomatoes, red onion, black olives, carrot sticks and capers.

  5,70 € 6,90 €
  Pink Canadian
Pink smoked salmon, lobster butter, fresh carrots, fine celery, red onions and a dash of cream.

  6,70 € 7,90 €
  Red Hot Chili Chicken
Hearty tomato sauce with chicken breast, fresh basil, black olives, a hint of orange juice and red onions.

  6,80 € 8,00 €
  Siam Mango Curry
Creamy curry with diced mango and chillies. With chicken breast, marinated in our own teriyaki dressing.

  6,80 € 8,00 €
Past Deli - Food that makes you smile!
  Sprinkled Green 6,00 €
  Green salad mix with radishes, snow peas, red onions, carrot sticks, sweet corn, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes and flat-leaf parsley. Served with our homemade yoghurt dressing.

  Italian Summer 6,50 €
  Green salad mix with cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes, black olives, dried tomatoes, mozzarella balls and croutons. Served with our homemade balsamic dressing.

  Caesar´s Delight 7,00 €
  Green salad mix with tasty chicken breast, black olives, red onion, grated Parmesan, anchovies and croutons. Served with our homemade Parmesan dressing.

  Tuna and Greens 7,00 €
  Green salad mix with tuna, black olives, onions, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and grated Parmesan. Served with our light homemade herb dressing.

  Smoked Salmon Salad 7,00 €
  Green salad mix with smoked salmon, snow peas, red onion, carrot sticks, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Served with our homemade honey-mustard dressing.

  Homemade pannacotta
always fresh and always different.
e.g. chocolate and mint, basil and forest fruits, fresh orange...

for only 1,20 €
Past Deli - Food that makes you smile!

2. Choose your pasta

Choose one of our five fantastic Italian pasta varieties:
whole-wheat penne, penne, spaghetti, rotelle or fusilli.

Great choice!
Now for the best step of all, step ...

3. Enjoy!